Kaci Leatherwood & Connie Snyder - Owners  


Our Beginning

Our adventure began on May 13, 2015. Connie and I were having lunch in Midway, KY when we began discussing our hopes and dreams.  I expressed that I had always wanted to own a boutique and make a difference. In response, Connie began to share stories of how she and her mother (my great grandmother) had dreamt of owning a dress shop. This conversation moved from dreams to plans, and soon we knew what we wanted to do- open a boutique right here in Midway! 


Our Style

Cherokee & Co. brings a boho-chic style to central Kentucky. We are originally from the southwest, and the aesthetic of that region is reflected in our store. We aspire to sell products that are beautiful, comfortable and unique.


Our Philosophy

Step out of the box and try something new. Be inspiring. Be bold. Be YOU!